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The Greatest Equalizer of Wealth Disparity Is Business Ownership. 

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Apply To Win For A Chance To Win $20,000

 Black & Brown women small business owners in CT and run a for-profit entity can apply to Building for Equity Accelerator & Pitch Competition. $20,000 will be given away in cash and non-cash prizes! 


Building for Equity

Connecticut’s very own Black & Brown Women Accelerator and Venture Pitch Competition strives to strengthen the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs. We look to close the opportunity and wealth gap arising from the lack of access to capital and resources to build a sustainable business.

Eligibilty Requirements:


Historically, Black and Brown women have been deliberately and painfully excluded from access to growth capital including resources for their businesses.


Even as an underfunded demographic of the U.S. population, Black women entrepreneurs are leading the charge for launching the most start-ups in America. According to Fast Company, last year women of color accounted for 89 percent of the new businesses opened every day and that number has grown faster than the overall rate of new women-owned businesses in the past five years.


Starting a new business isn’t easy, which is why Girls For Technology a 501c3 wants to help women entrepreneurs get access to business training, access to funding opportunities, technology, and social support systems that can help them overcome barriers they need to succeed. Girls For Technology is a 501c3 non-profit, empowering women and girls. 

Remember your network is your net worth!


We have tapped into a community of business experts, influencers, and visionaries' advice and support an entrepreneur receives during the program. The more access you have to industry leaders, the faster your startup will grow.


We Are Leading With Black & Brown Women In Mind. 

Virtual Experience: Each accelerator features a cohort of CT-based businesses that come together to tackle specific technical challenges that help them grow their businesses through a hybrid approach of virtual, in-person, 1:1, and group learning. 


Tailored expert help: Women-owned businesses are tasked with outlining their top technical challenges for their startup, and then provide virtual office hours with industry experts from across the U.S. to help solve those challenges and grow their business. 


Mastermind Speakers: In addition to individual guidance and mentorship and technical support BFE includes deep dives and workshops focused on the needs of Black/Brown women-owned businesses.

Building For Equity's Priority Areas:

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How To Sustain Financial Health

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How To Secure Your Funding

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How To Scale Your Business

The Numbers Don't Lie.

  • Did you know that if  Black & Brown women entrepreneurs were supported to succeed at the rate as entrepreneurs at the same rate as their white counterparts, the United States could add $1.1M new businesses and $9M new jobs to the economy?

           Source: Black Ambition | Home (

  • Black women face a 90% wealth gap 

           Source: The Bigger Picture Black Womenomics (

  • Black and Latinx people makeup - 30% of the U.S. population, but only - 20% of its entrepreneurs. 

           Source: Black Ambition | Home (

  • Black women comprise 45% of all women of color owned businesses in the country 

           Source: Black-Women-Entrepreneur-Fast-Facts.pdf (

  • Black women-owned businesses' average revenue is $24,700 per firm vs. $143,100 among all women-owned businesses.

           Source: The State of Black Women-Owned Businesses (

Key Benefits

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Online Training

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Peer Support

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Coaching +

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Live Virtual

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Access To 

  • When will the program begin?
    Building for Equity Accelerator will kick off August 24, 2021.
  • What is the format of the program?
    The accelerator runs for a period of 5-weeks, with a virtual class-based learning program, on-demand self-instructional digital curriculum, workshops, virtual office hours and mentorship taking place weekly. Participating startups receive deep mentorship on technical challenges with an emphasis on e-commerce. Once the accelerator is completed each business owner will pitch their business to a panel of judges for a chance to win cash prizes.

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